Hello and welcome.

My name is Megan Sax and this is my website. My passions mainly consist of yoga and art, and that’s what you’ll find in these pages. As a graphic designer I have worked in Marketing Departments for companies, upholding their brands and developing materials based on a certain criteria. I have left the world of the 9-5 and have ventured out as a freelancer, picking up gigs here and there, as people request mainly. My Beloved is the master mind behind Vinyasa Productions, an amazing production company producing amazing music, events, and more. I do a lot of work with him as his designer and yogi for his events. As an artist I am drawn to spray paint and acrylics, though I often use watercolor techniques with my acrylics. My art is typically a reflection of a moment or a meditation. Something that graced my grey matter and insisted it be expressed.

Yoga has saved my countless times. My mat has supported me in times of hardships, anguish, pain, tears, smiles, happiness, joy…the full gamut of emotions. Based on my empirical evidence, I fully believe in the benefits of yoga. I first found my mat in college when I was seeking mental reprieve to help me calm down and focus. After I while I experienced the physical results. Yoga has given me tools to help me in life, and when I teach I try my hardest to translate those ideas so it can be equally as beneficially for those in my classes. I love the idea of Kundalini yoga (that the snake is coiled at the base of our spines, ready to awaken with the balancing of our chakras and swoosh up our shushumna. Energy centers, vibrations, frequencies…of that makes sense to me, and that’s the basis on which I live my life. In some ways it’s my own made up version of science/philosophy/spirituality that I combine to create my story of how life works (I believe it is a dance between us and the universe). Visit my Yoga page if you’d like to join me on the mat or participate in whatever workshops, online programs, etc that I might have going on.

This is a small reflection of my interactions with this thing called life, and my attempts to Design a Life I Love.

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