Shahrnush Parsipur, Touba and the Meaning of Night (via touba) (via serpentskirt) (via milktrees) (via delicatelybruised)

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He was in fact the embodiment of the invisible cloud, a collective state of being contained in the body of a small human. It was a secret kingdom. This crowd was the nucleus of that which was to be born one day, but never would be. If it were born the dimensions would fall apart, convexity would change to concavity. Like a black hole, his gravity would destroy all the parts of reality even as they sought unity. It would turn and twist everything together in order to force unity among all beings. From then on, nothing would be left for him to attempt to unify. After one instant, and only an instant, the turned and twisted particle would explode, scattering everything and everyone once more; the parts would prefer to remain scattered. And at that precise instant, he would be reborn.

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