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Chaos often breeds life...

As of late, I have fallen behind on my organization skills. For many of us, work gets a bit busy, life gets a bit crazy and our organization begins to disintegrate. I love this quote because it reminds me how important it is to cultivate good and efficient work habits to be a successful Graphic Designer.

Orderly habits I would like to cultivate:

Clear space, Clear mind

When my desk and surrounding area are clear of clutter, I am able to focus on the work at hand. My eyes aren””t flitting around absorbing the massive amounts of crap around me. Rather, they remain attentive to the details of my project. Additionally, I don”t have the “I should really organize my work space” thought floating around in my mind constantly.

One notebook to keep everything in

I love paper. I have tons of random pads of paper. I have “To Do List” pads, “Notes” pads, legal pads, blank paper, pads from vendors, yellow sticky notes, miniture sticky notes, page marking stickies…I could go on. But on top of all those random pads scattered all over my desk, I have a spiral notebook that has a notes section, a to do section, a date section all on one page. In one location, I have a source that accomplishes all the randomness. So, in an effort to consolidate, the random pads of paper will be put aside.

I read somewhere once to limit the amount of goals you take on at once. This allows you to focus on the goals and not be scattered. In honor of this idea, I shall keep it to two new habits to form.

Though as a side note, I hope to establish a daily sketch. I”m going to try to post them to keep me accountable.

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