The beginning of a new project

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I love when a new project starts. It is so fresh and unadulterated. Some days, there is nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee, a pen, some paper and brainstorming. Allowing consciousness to stream herself (yes, my brain undoubtedly is a female) onto a sheet of paper, just a plethora of ideas coloring and forming the new project.

To be able to combine creativity with results, to design a piece that is not just aesthetically  pleasing, but (and I hate to say it, but more importantly) achieves the desired goal is a fun challenge to undertake. So many factors have to be considered (in no particular order):

1. Demographics of Target Audience
2. Goal of the piece/Desired results
3. Scope of the project, what all is involved, what are the many pieces?
4. Budget
5. Die cuts, paper choices, foil embossing…what is the best approach to achieve the goal?
6. Deadlines: what do we have time for?
7. Tone of project/event/company
8. Alignment with branding
9. What has been done in the past? How was it successful?
10. How can we differentiate the new piece?

So many things to consider. It is a great process I shall be starting now. I  hope to present at least 10 ideas for consideration. And once I present the ideas, the sketch phase begins!

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