Must do art soon

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Life is busy. It”s always busy. There”s always something. Either something that physically requires my presence, or something that emotionally/mentally sucks my energy…my own set of psychic vampires. The holidays are around the corner and I fear even less time to myself. I realize I am a graphic designer for a living, but that isn”t art for me. It is art that my boss criticizes and corporatizes. I need to do art for me. I just moved, and my whole sense of normalcy is gone. I am going demonically mad. I need to find my art again, so I can find my self. I am lost, bubbling around in a cortex of confusion…and I need to purge myself of that. Purge it onto canvas. My art is my container for my emotions. And that container is missing.

My emotions explode.

I lose myself.

Say things I don”t mean.

Do things I don”t want to do.

Without art:

I am in a state of destructive revolution.
A Black Anima

Drowning in the surging waves of emotion.

Hate satiated by my weakness.

Praying toward the heavens.

Falling into the void.

Descending into hell.

Yearning for peace.

Drifting away.

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