@DirtyFootprints Art Journal Love

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Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio is hosting an art journal love party.


What is love? Have you ever felt it? Has it been pure? I’m obsessed with Oshos’ book, Love, Freedom and Aloneness. Since reading this book the idea of Love for me has changed.  What it means, how to express it, how to live it…and it has been a challenge for me to alter myself to accommodate this new way of thinking. I want to be different, but years of acclimation in our society of movies and fairy-tales has made it difficult.

It has pushed me to become more intimate with my art though. And that’s how I view this art journal love. View it as a connection to the divine creative energy, purity. Art and yoga are important to my life and help me make this connection. So my art journal love reflects that.

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