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i just came across this blog and thought it had an amazing end point I wanted to share.
I mainly wanted to share it b/c I need to internalize it. So many wonderful points/ideas that can help move me along creatively.
I thought maybe you would like this kind of inspiration as well:

The Wild Donkey wants you to:

Don’t hold it up.
Don’t wait for the perfect creative time.
Don’t wait for anyone else.
Don’t wait for a publishing deal.
Don’t wait for outside validation.
Create it until it’s done, then RELEASE IT.
Jump on the wave of inspiration, and surf it out it until the wave is done.
You don’t need to be properly prepared.
You just need to do your job.
Do it. Create it. Have faith in it. Finish it. Release it.

Here is the full post: I highly recommend you read it.

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