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Denver is a place of the outdoors. People think of hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, skiing/boarding  and Denver Cruisers on Wednesday nights.  What people may not think of, is the Denver local music scene. Yes, we’ve had acts like 3oh3!, Flobots, the Fray and the Velvet Acid Christ come out of Denver, but their talent wasn’t really known throughout the town until post-success. It’s an interesting phenomenon when you consider how many local bands there are. There are a couple of contests out there that attract a bit of attention, for example The Best Band in Denver or the Metal Wars…but where are those winners now? Same place they were prior to winning of course.

Velvet Acid Christ
Velvet Acid Christ of Denver...did you know?

Take a band like Gritt Hitter, for example. They’ve been around for nearly five years. Yes, they have undergone many line-up changes in an attempt to find the perfect fit and the perfect sound and the perfect business partners.

Gritt Hitter circa 2009-2010


The thing that has been consistent though, is how much they rock the crowd when they play. The hard rock, Sabbathy riffs with Iron Maiden heaviness beats for the hearts of the listeners. You can see the transformation take place in them when Gritt starts to play. Their bodies start to move to the beats and suddenly they are caught in the Gritt Hitter spell. When space allows, a pit inevitably begins and the inner aggression of those involved is cathartically released.  And their minds, whether they actually hear all the words or not, know they are in the presence of lyrical genius. There’s something about hearing the words, “Nothing circles a slave like sacrifice” that doesn’t ring true and brilliant in your head.

Gritt Hitter EP Release album artwork

But why is their fan base still lacking and still the same supporters from the beginning. Everybody loves the dirty sound of Gritt Hitter. It brings them back to their carnal being. Why are they not showing up and bringing their friends?


I’ve heard the excuse of, “Sorry I didn’t make it to the show. It was cold outside.” You live in Denver, it does get cold here. Prepare yourself. That isn’t an excuse.  “Sorry man, went for a hike with my girlfriend and dog.” Really? A day activity prevented you from coming to a night activity?


I think perhaps Denver is lacking in musical support as a whole. And yes, it very well could be because Denver is still such a young city. We now have the First Friday art walk on Sante Fe, but I think that’s more because we are in an age of emerging artists. Few want to be bankers and business majors. They want the freedom of art. But we are missing out on the freedom of music here. The race of adrenal when a song pumps us up, when the lyrics speak our hearts and the energy of the band, music and crowd pulsates through us. I don’t know. Maybe technology is to blame. Few buy full albums anymore. Now it’s a go to iTunes, download the song you heard and call it good. I think Denver needs to get behind the other type of artist in their town. The painter isn’t the only artist. The Musician will serenade you. It’s time to support the songs of Denver. It is the musicians gift, and it’s for you.



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