Am I good enough?

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I’ve been pondering this lately. Am I good enough? And though I have applied this question to many aspects of my life, I am currently wondering about my artistic abilities. Am I good enough? I love art, and want to be an artist, whatever that means. I struggle with my worth as an artist though. There are so many talented people out there. And so many people who deserve to be successful and to live a creative life. I’m just not sure I am one of them. I want to be, but want isn’t enough. I have to have talent, motivation and confidence…and I may be lacking in each of those areas. Not to mention how subjective art is that in terms of talent you have to wonder what constitutes talent, good art and worth.

I have recently taken the plunge and have opened a zazzle shop and an etsy shop. And it’s been discouraging. How do you get people to visit your shop let alone leave positive feedback and maybe even a purchase? And does it even matter? Ultimately it doesn’t matter since I will continue making art. I try to tap into my emotions and insanity and express myself via the canvas. But the Western-influenced side of me has trepidation over sharing my art with others. Again, so many people are way more talented than me. And who am I? Who am I to think my art matters to anyone but me? Ultimately it doesn’t matter to anyone else. So then, does it matter if I am good enough? No. And I am trying to let my ego go, and paint from  my heart and not for what may sell. I still am working on finding my own voice I shouldn’t be worried about selling anything. I guess I think some of my stuff is worth buying so I thought I would try (plus it would be nice to have the extra income now that my rent has been raised). I need to stop seeking external approval and be happy being the small, insignificant, artistic me.

Yellow and Purple Rose on Black
Yellow and Purple Rose on Black

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