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By day, I’m a graphic designer. And that is an applicable use of art these days. I design programs, invitations, email marketing, direct marketing, all sorts of stuff that is used. It’s not something that is hung up and looked at. Which also means it has an expiration date and is quite transient. I’m okay with that actually. But at night, I try to paint, and my SO is an AMAZING artist. You can visit his site here. Together, we are trying to work ourselves into the artistic community. But it’s so hard for us. In so many ways and in just as many ways I have no idea why. One of the things we are starting to do, is create products on our Zazzle site. Again, driving traffic to this site and getting people to buy is super hard and we still haven’t figured out how to be successful with it. But it’s such an amazing concept that allows our fine arts, to become useable products. We’ve created a few products and have tons more to create. And although I may be our biggest customer (I have our calendar, cards, a coffee mug, iPhone case and just ordered a water bottle), I have high hopes that people will latch on to this idea of art. Perhaps it is the 21st century idea of art. The idea that art doesn’t need to just hang on your wall, but can grace your water bottle as well. Yes, water bottles always have had designs on them. But they aren’t from a local artist who has a day job and stays up all night drawing/painting/etc. That’s what’s beautiful. It’s not a mass produced design, but one that maybe only you will own. So. Brilliant. I hope you will visit our store, and check back often as we will constantly be creating more products. Maybe something will jump out at you and you’ll fall in love with our art.

Minaxus Waterbottle
Local art graces a water bottle

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