A reflection on usable art

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I posted previously on usable art. That my man and I were trying to turn out personal art into usable, everyday items. I may still be our number one customer, mainly because it takes time to get products published let alone marketing them. It’s all a process, but we are taking the first step and that’s still exciting. And I have to say, I love being surrounded by our wonderful art.


My wall calendar. A brilliant splash of color on my otherwise dull grey cubicle wall.


My coffee/tea mug keeping me awake.


A print reminding me that there is life outside this cubey.


And my water bottle keeping me hydrated.

Such amazing art on things I use everyday. It really is genius and I hope more people will support these products. Support local artists, and the amazing talent that exists in side.

Please check out our Minaxus site. We aren’t nearly done uploading products. But hopefully you’ll see something you like. And if you let us know, we can change the colors or whatever you need to be happy.

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