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I have been reading a lot on meditation lately. In a previous post I mentioned some of the benefits of mediation and really, those were just scratching the surface. And yet I still couldn’t decide why wasn’t sitting down to meditate. I knew I could benefit from it and that it would be good for me. So why wasn’t I doing it?

I think I just realized why: I don’t want to sit down.

Like most of us I sit behind a desk all day. And then I come and sit behind a desk some more. If I’m doing art I’m sitting down to do it. I literally sit all day.

And then It occurred to me that I sometimes meditate in the morning. Granted it’s an excuse to stay in bed longer. Because I meditate right when I wake up. I open my eyes stretchout long get the kinks out of my muscles and lay down in a comfortable position and meditate.

I was just Setting a reminder for myself to do something first thing in the morning so I would get out of bed and not waste time laying in bed. And I was simultaneously wondering why I don’t meditate more. Putting the two together I realized I want to lay down when I meditate. I don’t want to sit for even longer. It doesn’t feel good in my body.

So I’m giving myself permission to break the sitting down rule of meditation and lay down.


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