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I was meditating last night and an image came through me…I was living it and seeing it simultaneously. I was a vehicle for the universe. I could tell I was a bit of a newbie at this. I was sitting outside on my hammock, listening to a mantra meditation, feeling the breeze across my face, the moon shining softly down. I would start to deepen into meditation and feel the earth pulse through me. I would tense up hoping to channel stronger energy, when really I should have been relaxing. The experience ebbed and flowed and I saw me living it and saw me painting it…

It’s this gorgeous meditative series rooted in channeling the energy of the universe through your body and out your hands in a Reiki style exertion of energy.

Hoping to harness the idea that one can be relaxed and be a vehicle for energy to flow through but being able to have the conscious awareness to channel for a specific reason…healing, truth, loving, etc.

I envision white light connecting through the meditators crown of the head and flowing through the body experiencing a transformation…an alchemy if you will…of universal energy into an intentional energy.

When my mantra was over, I went inside and drew the experience…just a quick sketch and I hope to step away from the hectic pace of my life to sit down with that vision. I hope to be able to share it with the world, what I saw and what I felt when having that experience. Hopefully sooner than later the visual’s will manifest and I will share. I already know that healing energy will be the first of hopefully many…I am in the midst of healing myself…and I have been told by nearly every energy worker I’ve been to that I have healing hands. It’s time to turn my focus there…





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