Your comfort zone

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You hear all of the time how you should get out of your comfort zone. That safe place where your soul resides. And it’s true. Get the hell out, get some exploration in your energy. Try new things. Have new experiences. Push your limits and discover the vast nature of your self.

But don’t forget about your comfort zone. I know, it sounds counter intuitive. You’re supposed to be expanding that zone, getting out of it and creating a new one right? Yes. But visit that old zone for a moment or two. Remember who you were in that zone and how far you’ve come. Appreciate your new development and the new self you have become. But also don’t forget that just because you’ve had new and exciting and fabulous experiences, it doesn’t mean you need to create a new routine out of them.

Make sure your experimental self aligns with the self you are trying to become. Sometimes we can get caught up with all of the new and exciting and eye-openers you have experienced and could continue to experience. This world is a vast entity and new experiences are boundless. But new experiences lead you down new paths. And sometimes that’s the path you are supposed to be walking. That fork in the road that whispers to your soul and your soul whimpers to experience. Other times it’s just a path. Somebody’s path, but a path you dabble in but don’t remain on.

Branch out, be experimental and go with the flow. But the flow will need to go around a rock at some point and when that moment arrives, evaluate the road to the left and the road to the right. You end up at the same place, but the experiences are different and you that merges is altered. So every once-in-a-while, return to your comfort zone. It’s a place of strength and confidence. A place of familiarity. Take a moment to meditate. Reflect on your life and your intentions. And follow the path that makes sense. Don’t get caught up in the rapids. Quiet your mind and align your soul.

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