a Tidal Conversation

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Waves splashing, water rolling at my feet.
My soul begins to weep.
Darkness deepens, silence is feigned
My ego simply stains
Fear streaks
Confidence is weak
I look to the night sky and scream
Lightening flashes, the horizon beams
As though I’m in a dream.
My soul grumbles so the world rumbles and whispers softly to me:
“You are worthy. Work on your energy and there you will find synergy.”
A smile caresses my face for I’ve had just enough taste
To trust in my Ajna and swim.
In the sea of intention
In the stream of consciousness
In the ocean of my life
Hands to heart I bow my head
In the deepest of respect and gratitude.
I turn around and walk back to the beach steeped in fortitude.
I sigh my thanks and walk the steps,
Glistening with the divine.

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