Conversations…anger vs darkness

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I have some amazing conversations with people…I’d like to share them here.

Not Me

And yeah, your ex was….. a little dark one.

Not me:

it always makes me laugh when people are so angry at god for things that happen in their lives. some people have a really hard time at life. those born with disabilities, into horrible poverty, horrible conditions, suffering of all kinds. some of them blame god, some blame the real reasons for their abject poverty (government, society, etc), and some blame themselves. the ones that blame god are the real fools. like, how can you blame the universe of infinite everything and neverending nothing for miniscule human issues? do we care what happens in a bacteria colony on a piece of discarded gum? perspective.


As long as you are blaming someone/something anger lives with you…and that just ruins your own life

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