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Frogs. Gorgeous and transformative. Tadpoles absorb their tails, use them as energy as they grow. Such fantastical creatures. Amphibians, able to live in the water and on land. Multi-planed and amazing.


It’s been an interesting challenge to comprehend that I need to make a home for these creatures. Cats are one thing. You buy some food, some litter, some toys, a cat tree and you love them, pet them, cuddle them, play with them…dart frogs though, they are a show pet, meaning you don’t touch them, you just let them live. But they don’t live in our environment. So I’ve been building one. It’s been an intimidating process, building a living, functional ecosystem. But so amazing as well.


As always in art, you begin with a blank slate. As you start to make decisions and apply the paint, or in this case the cork background, the less amount of options you have, the more committed on the path you become. I am now committed to my path, as I have now attached the cork background, the wood, the false bottom, the mesh barrier, the ABG stuff and now some plants. Working the sealant and figuring how much that shit expands as it cures was crazy! A total learning process that will be fun to explore should I make another vivarium at some point, or even the two terrariums I have planned for later this year.

I love a garden and choosing plants has been a highlight of this project. I have no idea if the cuttings will root (a wandering Jew seemed apropos, the moon valley leaves are gorgeous and the pilea seems like a solid vine) if the orchid will live, if the moss slurry will take…I have about 2-3 months I guesstimate before the tadpoles are even froglets old enough to live in the vivarium so I’ll have time to become erudite in the ways of ecosystems. I’ll start making a habit of misting the tank, checking the humidity and the temperature and the such. I’ll learn when maybe the tank gets too hot and when it gets too cold depending on what time of day it is.


I’m not sure any of this will make for an interesting blog, but I lost the friend who was excited about this with me and I don’t want to bore my other friends. So I guess this blog will also serve my trials, tribulations and hopefully success and excitement of being a dart frog mama.

Avicularia versicolor, Kali, to be debuted Wednesday. I was already a weirdo, and now it’s a whole new level.

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