Yoga as remedy

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“He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator.”
Sir Francis Bacon

If you have stepped onto a mat or are considering stepping onto a mat, welcome to a new remedy. Welcome to a new paradigm, one of balance, one of our truest selves, for that is one thing yoga is: the study of balance. It is a study that spirals through the ether with us, twisting as we experience our ups and downs on this path of life. And through it all it keeps bringing us home, to the truest essence of our selves. It creates the space for us to become our own observers, to quiet the mind, to slow our pace, to dedicate an hour of ourselves to discovering ourselves – how we react in postures physically and mentally may reflect how we react in life situations off the math, where we hold our stress and how to release it, to watch our thought patterns to see where our mind travels and to release those thoughts to be completely in the moment.

Yoga is a celebration of what is.

For an hour each day, let go of whatever plagues your mind, body and soul to sit with peace with yourself. To use postures to understand our bodies and minds

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