Balancing ecosystems.

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My beloved took me to the planetarium the other day. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of what I saw. Being engulfed in the solar system, listening to the sound track of planetary personalities, was a gorgeous experience. I watched as we passed moons, and astroids, and gaseous planets. About the planets that were too cold to sustain life, the ones that were too hot, and the ones that were too instable. At this stage in my life, I was overcome with the sensitivity required to host human existence. It takes just the right combination of elements to sustain an environment capable to create life. But somehow, this planet of ours has Goldilocked the opportunity of existence.

It made me see the earth as fragile and special. It took hundreds of years for the right amount of “right combinations” to converge and here we are, slowly destroying the delicate ecosystem we call home. We surround ourselves with the unnecessary and extraneous, fooling ourselves into thinking those things are needs. But how important will they be when we have destroyed our planet beyond inhabitable? We already know the earth is on a timeline as we know our sun will someday explode. So why are we hurrying along our destruction?

I was also recently introduced to someone reading a book called the Body Ecology Diet, a book designed to maintain our inner ecology. We are as fragile as this earth. We tend to see humanity’s mortality as disease, fatigue, obesity, infections and all else invade our bodies easier than we see the destruction of the earth at times. Seeing how we treat our selves often times, it isn’t surprising to see how we treat our home, this space station orbiting a sun, fostering intelligence and life in a myriad of forms. 

These two concurrent ideas that have knocked on my door have me reviewing my life to see where better decisions can be made. Consider the delicacy of your own inner ecosystem. How well do you care for it?  What do your decisions say about how much you care for your health and the health of your environment? And I leave you with this quote to consider from Donna Gates:

It is time to restore the ecology of our planet and the ecology of our bodies. By rebuilding our health and our immunity, we can restore our inner ecology, and we will have a much better chance to achieve all our goals, including restoring the ecology of our outer world.

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