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The summer solstice was yesterday. The longest day of the year and the marker of summer. Our planet was tilted the most it can be toward our star, the Sun. And yesterday was Father’s Day, my first without my dad. I was reminded of this card he sent me a couple of years ago:

I took the opportunity while I was driving home from the mountains with my family to go to a Gong Bath to self-reflect on what kind of energy in which I was enveloped. 

I tend to think of blossoming as a very pretty thing. The natural association is of flowers, as each petal unfolds and spreads and shares itself with the world. Colors in a myriad of hues and vibrancy’s gracing our eyes. Its essence incensing the air, wafting the olfactory sense. Life has been waiting during the slumber of winter, the nurture of spring to burst forth in the heat of summer.  Bella Donna with its folklorean qualities, Coneflowers with its medicinal undertones, Fushia with its beauty, Strawberries with their nourishment, Roses with their thorns, Dandelions with their weed associations, Venus Fly Traps with their ferosity, Bind Weed with its clinginess.  

We ourselves have as many combinations, qualities and characteristics that can bloom for this summer. Maybe take a few moments just to see, nearly halfway through the year, what this year has brought you. What bears do you have that emerged after hibernation, and what quality of thoughts, emotions, characteristics are you nurturing? No judgments, just be an observer. Check in with your heart, its beat; your breath, its rhythm; your thoughts, their lyrics. If they were a graphic novel character, how would they manifest, what traits would they have?

The idea of blossoming, to me sounds freeing. A catharctic release of what’s been bound up inside. It doesn’t matter what’s inside, it has to be released. It’s how we release it that matters. Bringing intention and awareness into our blossom can make it that much sweeter.  So enjoy a moment for self-reflection. Maybe it will make you smile, maybe tear up. Whatever it is, accept it, be curious about it, and express it. Share it if it needs to be shared, heal it if it needs healing, enjoy it if it tickles you. So blossom this summer since you are a blosummer.

I’ll leave you with the words my dad inscribed inside:

Continue to create and blossom. You are your own entity…the beauty you have is you exercise that inner self as painful as it may be…thank you for being you.
~Arnold Sax

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