What is your propensity?

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Defining Propensity


I was watching an episode of  “The Universe” and it was talking about the earth’s tendency to tilt on an axis, much like a gyroscope, as it revolves around the sun. They called it the earth’s propensity. Such a great word.


What is your propensity? What is your disposition inclined to do? Our propensity can say a lot about the quality of our character. It reveals aspects of our personality and how we tend to use our energy. How you respond on a yoga mat is often how you respond to situations off the mat. If you tend toward the vinyasa classes and like a fast-past hard class, perhaps you are a type A in the world. If you advance the postures, taking the binds and the arm balances and inversions, perhaps you are a risk taker. Do you lose your mind in the flow or are you focused on an intention, a quality of energy, you want to exude into the world?


“A propensity to hope and joy is real riches; one to fear and sorrow real poverty”
avid Hume


Without judgement, with pure observation, consider your first inclination when you consider the following:

  • Yes or No
  • Do you like to take risks
  • Are you quiet
  • Do you tend to be fast-paced or slower
  • Eagle or Sleeping Pigeon
  • Running or Meditation
  • Irritation or Compassion
  • Logical or Creative
  • Bikram or Yin
  • Cat or dog
  • Early bird or night owl
  • Swim or fly
  • East Coast or West Coast
  • Procrastinate or just do it

What do you think your answers said about you? Maybe dedicate a day where you listen to your natural impulses and consider them for a moment. As you encounter your loved ones, coworkers, strangers, consider how you tend to act around them and why. Listen to your mind as you drive, where are your thoughts? Consider your propensities for a day, and with that awareness, then consider if they are still aligned with your intentions and truth.

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