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It’s amazing how we forget that most of our lives mirror the decisions we make. It’s easy to get into a negative space and say, the world is against me. And it feels that way; but, somehow, I cannot believe that that is true. What I do think is true is that our lives are littered with distractions. And yes, distractions can have their place and time and can be exactly what we need. But at some point they become procrastination tools that deepen our sense of dread because we are avoiding that which needs our attention the most: ourselves. When we get stressed out, tired, angry, whatever your poison, why is it such a challenge to take care of ourselves? I get that happy hour is more exciting than cleaning (it even has the word happy in it so it immediately brightens our thoughts), and that writing blog posts are more entertaining than getting car lights fixed. And watching TV is easier than self-reflection. But at the end of the day, is it more important to have had a couple hours of fun or to remove obstacles?

It’s a balance. Sometimes it’s time to chose fun and other times it’s time to fucking take care of business.

So why the hesitation, why the resistance? Why is it so hard to attend to the nitty gritty in life? It can be a scary thing. I sometimes think it’s a fear of failure. But the older I get, the more I see how silly that is. How it’s not about failing, but about discovering. It’s about putting our energy in the places that serve us, grow us, transform us. It’s about knowing that sometimes our failures are our greatest teachers, and that they can be what help us discover our true path. But not doing the work, not putting our energy where our dreams and passions are, is the failure, the stagnation. I believe life is a dance with the universe…both are taking the steps in grace, and it involves twisting and turning and dipping. The universe is asking you to dance, it’s up to you if you say yes.

So again, it comes down to the decisions we make. It’s about how we address life when it gets a little wild. What are the decisions that you make and are they the ones that avoid the most amount of injury?

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