That sounds like a loaded question with a long-winded answer that merely dances around the core of the answer. What I can say though, is that art and yoga are my two passions in life. During the day I apply my expertise in innovative graphics and creative solutions in the nonprofit realm, inspiring people into action to support their fellow humans in need. I love working in the nonprofit realm. It continually reinforces the beauty within people. In a time of so many tragedies, it’s refreshing to see that both sides of humanity still permeate the world, that the creative and destructive sides manifest. While the media highlights the sadness and the terrible, I am priviledged to see the hopeful and encouraging. I am an art director/graphic designer paving the way with intricate, yet powerful art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Banksy, Alex Grey or Seth Siro. I work at a conservative company that has a tight box. I am not designing masterpieces. I am designing graphics that hopefully spur people into action. Annual Reports, Capital Campaigns and Sales kits are not going to change the world or revolutionize the art industry. But perhaps they will reach a few people and change their world. It’s not much and it’s often times the art you look at and don’t even consider art, but behind everything you see, there is a designer, concepting and working their ass off to produce their piece in the best way they can. And that’s my day job. I sit behind my computer and strategize and draw graphics that support the mission of my company.

See my graphic design work here and my fine arts here.

At night I use my training in the beautiful practice of yoga to encourage people to look within and support their own bodies and souls. There are so many gorgeous things about yoga, the awareness of the self, the acknowledgement of the breath and using that as a tool to help you through your day, the metaphor that asana provides you (the way you approach a posture is the way you approach life), the ability to stretch the body and calm the mind… Yoga works in a plethora of ways and I strive to act as a conduit in class to encourage people to get what they need out of yoga. And really to first understand what that need is. Each moment we step onto the mat we are bringing something different with us and thus needing something different. Yoga opens up a world of attunement, of connection and calm bliss. It’s a phenomenal dance with the ego and the soul, the mind and the heart, the body and the breath, the individual and the universe, enabling the yogi to experience both the separation and the connection simultaneously, and being able to step back and observe, without judgement, without critique, just to watch the hear and now. Yoga is the celebration of the present, and it is a gift to experience. I would love to see you in class. Check out my yoga schedule and join me.

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