Mind scattering in a myriad of directions. Heart racing to a demanding beat. Confidence crumbling. Energy deteriorating. Worry and paranoia take over and you’ve suddenly puddled into a murky, slimey, pool of human consciousness. What began as a detail has escalated into a whirlwind of outrageous … Continue readingParanoid

Don’t Bite

Spiders! That word can really give some the weebeejeebees. Such small and delicate creatures and yet they send many of us into a widespread panic. Personally, I’ve never been overly scared of them, but haven’t not been scared either. (I’ve seen Arachnophobia though and that movie … Continue readingDon’t Bite

Celebrate you

If you were asked to name all the things you love, how long would it be before you named yourself? Things in my life have been happening in a quick succession. There have been a few really big shifts that drastically change life. Leaving the … Continue readingCelebrate you


I’ve spent the morning deepening my relationship with my breath. I listened, I watched, I experimented, I balanced. I took in as much as it as I could and then deflated my lungs completely. I practiced sending it to various parts of my body to … Continue readingBreath

Lift yourself

I was relaxing with my beloved the other night, just watching one of our snakes, when Indra, the piebald, started to talk to me and to show me an insight he had to share. To me, snakes are gracefully strong creatures. They seem to be … Continue readingLift yourself