Lines of focus

Breath in. Breath out. I’m watching the breath, being the breath, embracing the breath. Breath leads my focus. It’s where the meditation begins. Going deeper into the breath narrows my focus. Distractions drop away as I consider the breath, the aspects and what it is … Continue readingLines of focus

Your comfort zone

You hear all of the time how you should get out of your comfort zone. That safe place where your soul resides. And it’s true. Get the hell out, get some exploration in your energy. Try new things. Have new experiences. Push your limits and … Continue readingYour comfort zone


I was meditating last night and an image came through me…I was living it and seeing it simultaneously. I was a vehicle for the universe. I could tell I was a bit of a newbie at this. I was sitting outside on my hammock, listening … Continue readingChanneling


We are all on our own journey, and I just caught a glimpse of mine. Journey, path, well-travelled? Or in the brushes? Look down, see your feet, where are they walking? Look deep, into the seat of your soul, where do you wander? We drift, … Continue readingJourney

It’s time

It’s time to become me It’s time to discover   Discover my voice Discover my passions Discover my secret desires   My actions do not reflect the person I want to be…   Reflect my love Reflect my creative Reflect my intentions   Cultivate the … Continue readingIt’s time


Do you feel that passion? The kind that keeps you up at night the kind that drives you forward? The Kind of passion that you think about every waking hour, Dream about through the night, And constantly crave? The kind that you won’t let you … Continue readingPassion