Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget. To listen. To actually shut my mouth and quiet my thoughts and listen. My shallow desire to connect, to share, to be seen as someone who knows has left me as someone waiting to speak. It has left me inauthentic. Sometimes I … Continue readingSometimes I forget

Artist statements

Recently on Facebook, we (Minaxus Production Studio) asked if artist statements make a difference. It was a bit surprising to hear how much people actually prefer to read the artists intent behind a piece. Much of the time we consider art to be our expressions, … Continue readingArtist statements

I am just a tool

I just worked really hard on a piece. I’ve actually been working on the piece for about a year now. Not consistently, but I’ve been working on it here and there. It’s one of those personal pieces where I put a lot of time in … Continue readingI am just a tool

Snow Fun in May

Something I find interesting about my job, and really any job in marketing or where you have to plan far ahead, is that I am designing for events in December. It’s May and I’m sitting behind my desk trying to brand Snow Fun Blood Drives. … Continue readingSnow Fun in May

Useable art

By day, I’m a graphic designer. And that is an applicable use of art these days. I design programs, invitations, email marketing, direct marketing, all sorts of stuff that is used. It’s not something that is hung up and looked at. Which also means it … Continue readingUseable art