Shift happens

I’m a bit of a work-a-holic. Not in the “I’m obsessed with my job and do it all the time” kind of work-a-holic. Mainly the kind that suddenly looks around and realizes she is an art director has more responsibilities at work and working more … Continue readingShift happens


I dreamt last night. I mean, I normally dream. I’ve been one of those people, as of late, who can’t tell the difference between the waking and dreaming world. Where I wake up, get dressed, drive into work, send out some emails and start to … Continue readingdream

An Inky Experience

Ink. An artistic expression that has been passed down through the ages. In some older civilizations, it marked the battles you had survived. For my friend Brooke, I feel like this tattoo was that for her. It’s a reflection of a very personal experience that … Continue readingAn Inky Experience

Hope is Beautiful

Beauty. It’s something that exists everywhere. We refer to beautiful people and we can mean their both them externally and internally. Friends are beautiful. Hope is one of those friends. Yes, I get the irony that the idea of Hope is beautiful and can help … Continue readingHope is Beautiful