Agonizing darkness

Agony, that which can hunt us, and is waiting for the opportunity to take us down. In all of life’s uncertainty, we know that we will experience pain to varying degrees. Whether it manifests as fear, anxiety, depression, or anger, the human experience involves acrimony.  … Continue readingAgonizing darkness

Feel the fear

Those days happen. When your barriers are down, vulnerabilities are laid bare, and the submerged emotions pour out of your depths weakening cracks and bursting fault lines. The heaviness of the heart seems impossible fear encroaches upon hope. Crawling into a closet and holding yourself seems … Continue readingFeel the fear

When it’s time

I have been beguiled as I consider the influences of timing. I made a decision today…seemingly impulsive, retrospectively exact. I yearned for time; I found myself time. I craved space to nurture an infant aspect; I created space for growth. I needed to let go of … Continue readingWhen it’s time

Weeping soul

Despair descends into the heart, the heaviness, the sadness. The horrors of reality. The silencing of the ego. The eradication of opinion and the sublimation from self to servant. To have no opinion. To have no voice. To enter the realm of nothingness. Tear my … Continue readingWeeping soul


Yogi Bhajan said, “The greatest tool you have in your life is to listen. Why? If you listen, you will listen sensitively. And you will be shocked how fast you will become intuitive.”   How often do you find yourself smiling and nodding, at a … Continue readingShhhh…listen…


Mind scattering in a myriad of directions. Heart racing to a demanding beat. Confidence crumbling. Energy deteriorating. Worry and paranoia take over and you’ve suddenly puddled into a murky, slimey, pool of human consciousness. What began as a detail has escalated into a whirlwind of outrageous … Continue readingParanoid

Don’t Bite

Spiders! That word can really give some the weebeejeebees. Such small and delicate creatures and yet they send many of us into a widespread panic. Personally, I’ve never been overly scared of them, but haven’t not been scared either. (I’ve seen Arachnophobia though and that movie … Continue readingDon’t Bite