The summer solstice was yesterday. The longest day of the year and the marker of summer. Our planet was tilted the most it can be toward our star, the Sun. And yesterday was Father’s Day, my first without my dad. I was reminded of this card he sent me a couple of years ago:

I took the opportunity while I was driving home from the mountains with my family to go to a Gong Bath to self-reflect on what kind of energy in which I was enveloped. 

I tend to think of blossoming as a very pretty thing. The natural association is of flowers, as each petal unfolds and spreads and shares itself with the world. Colors in a myriad of hues and vibrancy’s gracing our eyes. Its essence incensing the air, wafting the olfactory sense. Life has been waiting during the slumber of winter, the nurture of spring to burst forth in the heat of summer.  Bella Donna with its folklorean qualities, Coneflowers with its medicinal undertones, Fushia with its beauty, Strawberries with their nourishment, Roses with their thorns, Dandelions with their weed associations, Venus Fly Traps with their ferosity, Bind Weed with its clinginess.  

We ourselves have as many combinations, qualities and characteristics that can bloom for this summer. Maybe take a few moments just to see, nearly halfway through the year, what this year has brought you. What bears do you have that emerged after hibernation, and what quality of thoughts, emotions, characteristics are you nurturing? No judgments, just be an observer. Check in with your heart, its beat; your breath, its rhythm; your thoughts, their lyrics. If they were a graphic novel character, how would they manifest, what traits would they have?

The idea of blossoming, to me sounds freeing. A catharctic release of what’s been bound up inside. It doesn’t matter what’s inside, it has to be released. It’s how we release it that matters. Bringing intention and awareness into our blossom can make it that much sweeter.  So enjoy a moment for self-reflection. Maybe it will make you smile, maybe tear up. Whatever it is, accept it, be curious about it, and express it. Share it if it needs to be shared, heal it if it needs healing, enjoy it if it tickles you. So blossom this summer since you are a blosummer.

I’ll leave you with the words my dad inscribed inside:

Continue to create and blossom. You are your own entity…the beauty you have is you exercise that inner self as painful as it may be…thank you for being you.
~Arnold Sax

What is your propensity?

Defining Propensity

Defining Propensity


I was watching an episode of  “The Universe” and it was talking about the earth’s tendency to tilt on an axis, much like a gyroscope, as it revolves around the sun. They called it the earth’s propensity. Such a great word.


What is your propensity? What is your disposition inclined to do? Our propensity can say a lot about the quality of our character. It reveals aspects of our personality and how we tend to use our energy. How you respond on a yoga mat is often how you respond to situations off the mat. If you tend toward the vinyasa classes and like a fast-past hard class, perhaps you are a type A in the world. If you advance the postures, taking the binds and the arm balances and inversions, perhaps you are a risk taker. Do you lose your mind in the flow or are you focused on an intention, a quality of energy, you want to exude into the world?


“A propensity to hope and joy is real riches; one to fear and sorrow real poverty”
avid Hume


Without judgement, with pure observation, consider your first inclination when you consider the following:

  • Yes or No
  • Do you like to take risks
  • Are you quiet
  • Do you tend to be fast-paced or slower
  • Eagle or Sleeping Pigeon
  • Running or Meditation
  • Irritation or Compassion
  • Logical or Creative
  • Bikram or Yin
  • Cat or dog
  • Early bird or night owl
  • Swim or fly
  • East Coast or West Coast
  • Procrastinate or just do it

What do you think your answers said about you? Maybe dedicate a day where you listen to your natural impulses and consider them for a moment. As you encounter your loved ones, coworkers, strangers, consider how you tend to act around them and why. Listen to your mind as you drive, where are your thoughts? Consider your propensities for a day, and with that awareness, then consider if they are still aligned with your intentions and truth.

Crows and Coconuts pt. 3 It Didn’t matter


So, there were crows flying around landing on branches perhaps influencing the coconuts fall to the ground, but the story didn’t end there.

It said it didn’t matter if the crow was responsible or if it was just the coconuts time to fall. It. Didn’t. Matter.

I had spent hours in my head looking for the cause and effect, looking for the reason. In a state of shock I went in search of the crows, I wanted the why behind such a life-changing incident of such magnitude…without warning, everything changed. Considering all of the why’s of the situation, I left the ground and lived in that state of surreal suspension of the coconut, of suspended gravity looking at every incident in my life as a timeless orb on Indra’s Net. The orbs are as endless as are the connections. I saw so many paths being traced, simultaneously, that brought me to the point of my father’s death and the possible effects of it. I could see the weaver of fates’ (Moirai, Norns, Shai, Gaia, Spirit, God) imprint in my web of life, that beautiful tapestry that is the graphic novel of my life.

And in that suspension I tried to read it.

My beloved gave me a gong bath where I experienced an initiation of sorts in the mysteries of the world. I journeyed through the timeless portals and tunnels of the upper chakras, connecting with the universe in all its varieties and expanses, and danced around the ancient fires of the lower ones. I entered a space of contemplation where I heard my Dad laugh at the thought of bringing my tarantula home and how much my mom was going to not like it. I literally heard him laugh and kind of poke at me to get me to laugh, and I did, I had a little giggle. I felt  love. I went to my Shaman and deepened my journey into the mysteries. I experienced lava flowing and a silent journey on the river Styx beside my dad. I went to Red Rocks shows dancing under the stars of time and experienced such a gamut of emotions. Brit Floyd got me bad as it was the music of my dad. I started to imagine where he was in his life when he was listening to Pink Floyd and imagined the soldier, the man in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Of him, skinny, bald and incorrigible.  So I got a giggle when I felt my knee bending to a beat I couldn’t really hear, but have seen my Dad rock quite frequently. It was an involuntary movement for the duration of  a song and I laughed as I realized that I was dancing the dance of my father…and then I wept when I Wished He Was Here.

I searched for crows and I searched for coconuts. I was a crow and I was a coconut. I was bathed in possible connections, I was a fly caught in a spider web. The only thing of which I was certain was that there was going to be a transformation. And that was the point of the crow and the coconut story.Be responsible for the energy you bring.

We can’t know the why. We can have an inkling and we can think we know, and maybe we’re right and maybe we’re partially right and maybe we are waaaay off base. It’s simply part of the journey of being human. We ask questions, we search for answers, we make calculations to determine what truths we think we can, we search our selves and listen to our intuition and cultivate faith in what we feel. It made me start considering the quality of my actions. And being responsible for the energy I bring. I don’t want to be angry about it. I don’t want that to be the energy I bring. I was told by a friend that the pain will never disappear, that it will always be there and I will always feel it. So during those moments in between the sadness, I want to exude trust, courage, positivity in life. I hate that he died and I still have yet to really wrap my head around it. But I don’t want to feel shitty. I have spent way too many years in the darkness and trying to drag myself out of a pit of anger. I don’t want to go back to that space, and I no longer want to bring that energy. I’m human and therefore fall into that space at times, but I try to show up with love and compassion. I try to commune with my dad’s spirit and remember the wonderful memories, and shed the tears when I miss him. It will happen for the rest of my life.

There are so many unknowns in life, and shit that happens when you just have no idea it was even yet a thought. It’s an exchange of energy. So showing up in life with awareness and conscious intention becomes what’s important. The idea that you don’t know when something small that you do may change someone else’s world. Or when something huge will transform yours.

We only ever can control our own actions. We cannot know the full effects of what we do and how others are effected by our energetic exchanges. It doesn’t really matter if the coconut fell because the crow landed on the branch. It may have made a huge difference, or no difference at all. But it’s important to have landed. To reach out to others with love and respect. To treat others with dignity and honor. Coming from a place of positive intention helps ensure that we are putting a quality of energy out there that can resonate positively. Energy and vibrations interact in subtle ways so even our thoughts are an energetic force. We need to think and speak these kindnesses. You never know when you can make someone smile during a time of tears, or when it’s your last goodbye.

You can help change the world, even if it’s the worlds time to change.



Part I, Part II

Crows and Coconuts pt 2

I humbly surrender to the universe

You know the story didn’t end here.

I searched for crows still. Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common are:

  • Life magic; mystery of creation
  • Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
  • Intelligence
  • Higher perspective
  • Being fearless, audacious
  • Flexibility, adaptability
  • Trickster, manipulative, mischevious

Other traditional meanings associate the crow with bad omen, death, and dark witchcraft. The crow also carries the power of prophetic insight and symbolizes the void or core of creation. (source)

An entity such as this landed on a branch at the same time a coconut fell. It seems fitting. But what does it mean and my question of why still hung in the air. But as I read on in the story…

And what of that coconut? Was it going to fall anyway? Was it ripening and ready to be released to the ground? Was the crows transformative, magical essence an inspiration to the coconut to fall to the ground to offer up its water, its milk, its flesh, its life energy, in a fearless way? For the coconut, things have changed drastically. Once arboreal, dangling, growing, expanding and to have let go of the branch to fall. The coconut was already going through so much on its own, and then to have the crow land…it’s in these moments that the human consciousness befuddles the situation. For a coconut, it just falls when it falls. To the best of my knowledge, a coconut does not swirl into an existential quandary about the influencer of the crow, the ego of wondering at the timing of it all, the wonderment of what happens next, for this coconut and the ones around it.

The coconut just falls. It surrenders to the universe.

It releases its connection to the branch, maybe experiences a brief moment of suspension, and then starts to feel the air wrap around the coconut, enveloping it in a timeless, wind tunnel. Where the energies of the crow and the ground merge, connect, dance in endless combinations, all of them and none of them, swirling, stunning, tickling the coconut. 

And it’s a surreal mix of reality and intuition, knowing and wishing.

“I can teleport to the stars…
like the universe is singing a song.
It’s just a story though
Is it a story though?
I can’t tell if it happened cause it felt impossible
Don’t know whether it was real or a dream
Imagination playing tricks on me
Now tell me what you know
Is this a story or
An allegory for the racket knocking at my door?
What’s the difference if it’s real or a dream?
Imagination playing tricks on me”

~Murakami, Made in Heights

Part I, Part III

Crows and coconuts pt 1


There’s a paradox parable of sorts in the Vastishana about a crow and a coconut. It explores the idea of timing. Not in the sense of minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day but in the more eternal sense of fate. It’s a befuddling concept that has tickled man’s mind since we discovered opposable thumbs. For me it develops into a question of a conscious universe, in some ways law of attraction, power of the unconscious. What is the nature of energy? Can we influence our future or are we subject to whatever happens…Is it a dance with Fate the way I had come to think of it?

I had just experienced a devastating occurrence of life. I was desperate for the answer to the quandary: do things happen for a reason? I sat down, picked up my Hindu Mythology book and came across the aforementioned crow and coconut story.

A crow alights a branch at the same exact time a coconut falls to the ground. Did the crows’ touch cause the coconut to fall, or was the coconut about to fall anyway?

Cause and effect is a theme in life. We learn it in school in chemistry (I think) and see it on a molecular level. It’s those scientific notions, the law of conservation of energy, law of attraction, that support the energetic exchanges our ancestors intuitively knew. I leaned toward cause and effect and started seeking the crow that caused my coconut to fall. I looked in every possible corner of my mind, heart and soul. And let me tell you, I came up with a shitload of possible crows. But in a sky of crows, I couldn’t pick out one that satisfied the overwhelming feelings of a situation that rendered me baffled. So to choose one crow that landed on that branch causing the coconut to fall was impossible. I started to wonder if it was possible to choose just one and if there was even the possibility of one…is there a why to the things that happen to us? Is there a reason? Or does shit just happen? All possible crows.

Take a deep breath in, open mouth release it out. Crow is about hugging into center, arms externally rotate and squeeze in to create a stable shelf as a foundation for your crow, your core reaches for your spine so much they fuse in fluidity, your legs squeeze together to create a lift in the lower torso, your mind wraps around your breath, funneling your awareness into being Bakasana. Fingers come down to the mat, spread the fingers nice and wide, press down under the nails. Establish your chaturanga arms and bring your knees to the back of your arms. We are traditionally not weight bearing on our arms…just get used to the idea of holding yourself on your hands. Try picking up one foot, and then the other, and then maybe both. Look about 6 inches forward, settle your gaze on a single dristi (focal point), push down into the earth with your hands and as you do that, reach the forearms in toward each other and rotate your shoulders to the outer sides and then back and down your back. Bring your knees to the back of your arms, engage the core, look forward, pick the legs up from the floor, take flight into Bakasana, Crow.



Part II, Part III

Take a Break

Open Mouth Exhale

Take a break. Just breathe. Be present for a few moments. Close your eyes if you’d like. Relax the shoulders back and down. Take a huge breath in, suspend it for a moment, and then release it out.

Open Mouth Exhale


Feel better?


It’s important for us to take the occasional break during the day, the week, the month, life. We are an on-the-go society and that’s fine. It works for most. Keeping yourself healthy and aligned during the chaos is important. And sometimes that requires us giving ourselves permission to take a break, to step away. It could be from the computer, a goal, a relationship, a job, life in general. And it could be for 30 seconds, minutes, days. And that’s not to insinuate that what we are doing is bad, we could be dedicating our energy to cultivating beauty in our lives and manifesting our dreams, and still need to take a break.

I sometimes use breaks for reflection. I like to see from where I have come, how I have grown and who I am now. I feel like we all change so much and sometimes don’t even realize it ourselves and then one day we look in the mirror and holy shit how the hell did I get here and who is this person with the green hair and tattoos looking back at me. It can definitely be a giggle. Sometimes it’s a lesson that I need to learn so I can move forward with ease. Those moments when you see your dream and you keep bumping up against the same wall, the same damn situation and how the hell do you shift in ANY direction just to experience something new and hopefully rewarding this time. And we learn how to release stuck emotions and energy patterns. And sometimes it’s those times when you look at yourself and realize you need to reconnect with yourself and love yourself again b/c you have lost your connection with your divine soul.

It’s important to listen to your intuition and to be able to read the signs that say it’s time for a break. Otherwise it’s like a tree in a Primorye winter whose sap is freezing and expanding…it expands until the tree bursts, unable to contain what was growing within. And when an explosion like that happens, there is no going back, there is no putting the tree back together, scooping up the sap and stuffing it back into the tree.

So when you start to feel a little claustrophobic, overwhelmed, a little crazy, before you get to bat shit crazy…give yourself permission to take a break. Breathe, reflect, release, do whatever you need to do to feel better. Enjoy yourself, your life, your relationships. And just exist, in the moment.





Kundalini Conversation

Kundalini Surge

Not Me

And what Kindalini all about?



Ohhhhh sweetness…It’s from where my love for snakes was born

Hard to find classes…it’s been a lot theory for me

well, and I get caught in a single location and it’s hard to break out and try new things…but apparently there is a Kundalini studio on 29th and Julian…but it’s so far and difficult to get there…

for me, the alignment of the chakra’s through pranayama and asana lead to the awakening of the Kundalini energy. That energy, they say, is stored at the base of your spine, below the Muladahara vortex, and is coiled like a sleeping snake. When the chakra’s are aligned and you are in a higher vibrational state (meditation usually), the snake uncoils and slides up your spine. I just did a Kundalini sketch last night even, lol

Not me

That sounds so cool


It’s much of the caduceus symbol with the snakes riding up the Ida and Pingala

but the energy shooting out of the shushing

It’s why I love snakes and the chakras


So much of my practice has been gearing me for Kundalini. I’ve been doing a lot of the work to get there. Physically, it’s one of the easier practices so newbies sometimes flock to Kundalini without understanding the concept of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fantastic and I’m glad they are doing it. You know I’m a Jung fan…well, maybe you don’t, but my intent to understand the shadow self to be able to dance with it instead of live in fear of it falls into Jungian theory a lot, so…Jung wrote, “When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our [usual] world. It is a world of eternity.”  If I were to go truly nuts…the Celestine Prophecy idea of the levels of vibration and then the supreme level that caused the Myans to disappear…to essentially turn into vibrations, could, could, be considered Kundalini…each stage working your way up your chakra system. My opinion of course. I haven’t read that anywhere for it to be real, but those are the connections I made.

Not me

It sounds wonderful, we have to go

Kundalini Surge
Kundalini Surge

A living ecosystem


Frogs. Gorgeous and transformative. Tadpoles absorb their tails, use them as energy as they grow. Such fantastical creatures. Amphibians, able to live in the water and on land. Multi-planed and amazing.


It’s been an interesting challenge to comprehend that I need to make a home for these creatures. Cats are one thing. You buy some food, some litter, some toys, a cat tree and you love them, pet them, cuddle them, play with them…dart frogs though, they are a show pet, meaning you don’t touch them, you just let them live. But they don’t live in our environment. So I’ve been building one. It’s been an intimidating process, building a living, functional ecosystem. But so amazing as well.


As always in art, you begin with a blank slate. As you start to make decisions and apply the paint, or in this case the cork background, the less amount of options you have, the more committed on the path you become. I am now committed to my path, as I have now attached the cork background, the wood, the false bottom, the mesh barrier, the ABG stuff and now some plants. Working the sealant and figuring how much that shit expands as it cures was crazy! A total learning process that will be fun to explore should I make another vivarium at some point, or even the two terrariums I have planned for later this year.

I love a garden and choosing plants has been a highlight of this project. I have no idea if the cuttings will root (a wandering Jew seemed apropos, the moon valley leaves are gorgeous and the pilea seems like a solid vine) if the orchid will live, if the moss slurry will take…I have about 2-3 months I guesstimate before the tadpoles are even froglets old enough to live in the vivarium so I’ll have time to become erudite in the ways of ecosystems. I’ll start making a habit of misting the tank, checking the humidity and the temperature and the such. I’ll learn when maybe the tank gets too hot and when it gets too cold depending on what time of day it is.


I’m not sure any of this will make for an interesting blog, but I lost the friend who was excited about this with me and I don’t want to bore my other friends. So I guess this blog will also serve my trials, tribulations and hopefully success and excitement of being a dart frog mama.

Avicularia versicolor, Kali, to be debuted Wednesday. I was already a weirdo, and now it’s a whole new level.

The Giving Tree


Do you remember that book, The Giving Tree?  I read it as a child, and I found myself thinking today about it. Shel Silverstein’s ability to write for children and adults is astounding. It’s an ageless, timeless lesson that is always good to remember. And it flowed into my thoughts as I was heading home from a family dinner.

TheGivingTreeWhen I was teaching my 1.5 class a couple of days ago, I focused on vrksasana, tree pose. I was reading about it and the idea of tolerance was suggested (tree metaphors are numerous, rooting, branching out, strength in stability combined with flexibility of motion, etc.). I had not really considered tolerance as a tree metaphor and was intrigued. When I meditated on it things like, tolerance of the crazy squirrels that jump from branch-to-branch, tolerance of the nesting birds cuddling into the leaves, tolerance in the form of still giving shade to those who pull off leaves, branches, or even cut the whole tree down came into mind. Tolerance of the wind as it sings through the branches and leaves…Tolerance with ourselves as we sway while trying to balance on one foot…tolerance of others as they shake our emotions and challenge our thoughts. Tolerance for those closest to us who have nestled in and have become comfortable and perhaps a two-way street of taking advantage has blossomed.

So much tolerance a tree can teach us. Being gentle with ourselves as we root to rise, standing tall and strong, and yes maybe swaying a little in the posture…and in life. A tree stands in one place yet there can be so much commotion surrounding it. Just as we are standing at the center of our lives, and our relationships, jobs, hobbies, etc. surround and color our lives. Tolerance…what an amazing thought. It’s the beautiful way of agreeing to disagree, accepting without judgement, loving without limits. And it was that thought that brought me to The Giving Tree. That tree gave everything she had to the boy as he needed things…and I can’t recall (that’s not to say it didn’t happen), the boy ever saying thank you to the tree. And isn’t that a form of tolerance? Giving without expecting anything in return. The tree posture is about finding your balance and strength while remaining standing and through that opening yourself (and your hips) up for tolerance.

It can be such a challenge to be tolerant in this world. Such a challenge to take a step back to adjust your perspective to see from where another is coming and to draw on the compassion of the anahata chakra. Perhaps even more of a challenge, to put aside the differences and to see the gifts that people do provide us in life…the gift of a smile, the gift of a hug, the gift of a calming presence. I think tolerance can teach us to see the beauty in others, not just our differences. Tolerance allows us to truly hear and see people by releasing our own need to be right, or to push our opinions, or to be heard…and instead quieting our own self and opinions, to allow that need in someone else to be met. Tolerance is our gift to each other. 

Much appreciation to my Saturday students who ignited this thought, to my sister who reminded me, my beloved who talked it through with me, and everyone who has ever given the gift of tolerance to me.


Intending your intention


I often begin a yoga class asking the students to observe their energy, see what they brought onto the mat with them that day, and to set an intention. Something they would like to cultivate during practice, whether it be remaining present, watching the breath, dedicating their class to someone, finding courage, strength, whatever is on the persons mind at that moment, to breathe that in and shift it, internalize it…to intend it. In fact, it has come up so often recently in life, manifesting intention, those small things that I was thinking about that caused a chain reaction, the many conversations I had with people hearing how they were manifesting their beliefs, that caused me to pick up a book on the subconscious.

With that in mind, let’s backtrack a bit. I can remember being in a yoga class one day following an injury. It was the first yoga class I’d been to in a long time. And it felt amazing and I couldn’t understand how I was able to go so many months without stepping onto my mat. All I could think was, Holy shit, I need to get more yoga in my life. I thought it over and over and over again and I thought it in every single yoga class I went to and during the day when I was dreaming about being on my mat. The thought was always, I need more yoga in my life. Two weeks later I had two classes that I was teaching and I had a full-time practice. It would seem that what I was thinking during all those classes manifested for me. I became a believer in intention, and started to realize all the different areas where similar thoughts had written my story’s path. I could trace the pattern of what I thought and what I intended and how it actually formed my life, on and off of the mat. And I flowed this way for years. Watching as my intentions started to form my life more and more as I became more aware of their importance. I even coined a term, Intentional Coincidence, for those moments when it seems coincidental but when you trace things backwards you can see where your past thoughts would have manifested what you were currently experiencing. I mean, let’s face it, these things are not always immediate but some take time to manifest.

When I thought about the why of it all, I thought in terms of the Law of Attraction: the quality of energy you exude is the quality of energy that surrounds you and that you experience. That which is like unto itself is drawn. Like attracts Like. Birds of a Feather Flock Together, Misery Loves Company, Two Peas in a Pod…the idea wasn’t anything new, we hear it in these adages. Add that I’m really not a science person, that I am a really trusting person (at times to a fault), and that I had limited time to think about it (I was busy intending thoughts, lol) so I had little need for the reason behind it since I had experiential knowledge of the truth in the idea. I could trace it’s presence since childhood…and I was able to just trust that if I put out the positive energy, the universe would take care of me.

And then I forgot the power of my intentions, went to a dark place and remained in a vortex of consuming negativity. And I saw my negativity manifest even more negativity…and my panic create more stress…and my fears take me deeper into the depths of this shadow. The angrier I got the more things happened in my life that pissed me off. Again. Law of Attraction. I was literally creating my own worst nightmare and yet was so blinded by anger I didn’t see that I was the one responsible for writing my story. I allowed life to happen to me. I allowed others to make my decisions. I let go of intention and was swept away…sometimes drowning, sometimes swimming upstream, sometimes gasping for air, sometimes not even knowing if I was under or above water. It was fast and furious.



Years pass. Shit happened. Shift Happened. I emerged from my intimate dance with my shadow self…And a couple of weeks ago I picked up a book on the subconscious.

And here began the thinking behind what I had been experiencing. That law of attraction that manifests in all forms in life without judgement: light and shadow, brilliance and darkness, and everything in between. Maybe it’s a science. Maybe it’s psychological. Joseph Murphy seemed to have been a bit of a gypsy spiritualist with a background in religion and chemistry. (Those are my words based on his wikipedia page, so I could be wrong.) At any rate, I appreciated what he was saying and took into consideration his ideas on the relationship between the conscious mind and our subconscious mind.

All your experiences, events, conditions, and acts are the reactions of your subconscious mind to your thoughts. Remember, it is not the thing believed in, but the belief in your own mind, which brings about the result. Cease believing in the false beliefs, opinions, superstitions, and fears of mankind. Begin to believe in the eternal verities and truths of life, which never change. Then, you will move onward, upward, and Godward.
– Joseph Murphy

The idea is, that our conscious mind is our thoughts, be they fully-intended, habitual, or if we’re even really that aware that we are thinking them. It is the waking mind, the surface self, the voluntary and rational mind. Opposite of that is the subconscious mind, the sleeping mind, the deep self, the involuntary and irrational mind. By the way, here it means able to discern. The conscious mind can consider a thought, mull it over, and alter it so that it is of a quality that the thinker wants to manifest. Whereas the subconscious says, Okay Captain. Whatever you say. And our subconscious listens, without judgment, to those thoughts. It is the seat of emotions and is the creative mind. It is the builder of your body and can heal it. You’ve read, I’m sure, how you can say to yourself right before you go to bed, I want to wake up at 8am. And you will. Well, that’s the conscious mind thinking the thought, and the subconscious mind saying okay and creating the thought in life. And similarly, if you think you can’t quit that addiction or change that habit, you probably won’t.

“The power of your subconscious is enormous. It inspires you, it guides you, and it reveals to you names, facts, and scenes from the storehouse of memory. your subconscious started your heartbeat, controls the circulation of your blood, and regulates your digestion, assimilation, and elimination. When you eat a piece of bread, your subconscious mind transmutes it into tissue, muscle, bone, and blood. This process is beyond the ken of the wisest man who walks the earth. Your subconscious mind controls all the vital processes and functions of your body and knows the answer to all problems.”
– Joseph Murphy

It is the place of healing and manifesting. It is designing a life you love. I believe it to be that space where the muse dances and sirens sing. Where visions are inspired by kundalini surges. Where portals are revealed when the pineal gland is touched. The psychedelic realm where vision is expanded, energy becomes united, akashic records explored, and where you have the influence to navigate the waters in which you flow through life.

As Peter Pan suggested, Think happy thoughts and you’ll fly. Again, it’s a thought we hear over and over. And it’s a powerful thought. That which we think is manifested in our life. Not necessarily the way we want it, but more the way we need it. I like to think of it as a collaboration with the universe…I’ll think general concepts, high level ideas, big picture thoughts…and I’ll trust the universe to think of the details. But it’s my responsibility to bring intention into my thoughts and to follow through with them. It’s no longer an, on-the-mat idea…it’s bigger than that. It’s in everything I do. I still struggle, I still forget…but the time is sometimes 7 hours instead of 7 years. I’ve been “intending” in my thoughts to make habits of setting intentions. When I wake up, thoughts for the day; when I get to work in my to do list; in my yoga classes, for whatever I happen to be needing. And with my students, with you, whatever you happen to be needing, in life or in the moment, craft the thought in such a way that it is uplifting. Our thoughts set the stage for the action of the Law of Attraction. What we think is what we are attracting. Be kind and gentle, loving and compassionate, think about the life you want, the dreams you have, turn them into mantra’s and meditate on them, and every so often, as you’re thinking about these things, smile, and cheers the universe.