(via rhivanz) OMG. I love this. This is so me chilling out at home!! Gorgeous and peaceful.

I have been reading a lot on meditation lately. In a previous post I mentioned some of the benefits of mediation and really, those were just scratching the surface. And yet I still couldn’t decide why wasn’t sitting down to meditate. I knew I could benefit from it and that it would be good for me. So why wasn’t I doing it?

I think I just realized why: I don’t want to sit down.

Like most of us I sit behind a desk all day. And then I come and sit behind a desk some more. If I’m doing art I’m sitting down to do it. I literally sit all day.

And then It occurred to me that I sometimes meditate in the morning. Granted it’s an excuse to stay in bed longer. Because I meditate right when I wake up. I open my eyes stretchout long get the kinks out of my muscles and lay down in a comfortable position and meditate.

I was just Setting a reminder for myself to do something first thing in the morning so I would get out of bed and not waste time laying in bed. And I was simultaneously wondering why I don’t meditate more. Putting the two together I realized I want to lay down when I meditate. I don’t want to sit for even longer. It doesn’t feel good in my body.

So I’m giving myself permission to break the sitting down rule of meditation and lay down.


The answer to everything seems to be: Meditation



Maybe it’s because I do yoga and that tends to influence the randomness I read on the internet, but most articles I read seem to suggest that meditation is the key. Everywhere I look there is new evidence on meditation and how wonderful it is.

For example, this article on Mind Body Green shows pictures of some people’s transformation at a month-long meditation retreat. And Tiny Buddha has an article dispelling meditation myths and telling everyone why they should start today.


To be that girl, I’ve been trying to meditate for a long time now. And let me tell you, it is freakin’ difficult. The actual meditating part isn’t so hard. I love just sitting down on my soft meditation pillow, putting on my over-sized headphones (yes, I normally listen to music), and settling in. I can normally get into those Delta waves pretty quickly and I am zoned in. Although I do appreciate the help of my Om Harmonics download. But once I’m there, I’m pretty good. Mind you, I think 15 minutes of meditation is awesome, it’s not like I’m sitting there for hours.

However, finding my way to my meditation cushion is a challenge. I only try for 15 minutes and yet I still haven’t been able to find a consistent time that works (my schedule is pretty inconsistent). I should probably just start out slowly and meditate one day a week or something, until I can work it in as a habit. And I really really want to. All of the articles describing the benefits of meditating scream out to me to sit my ass down and meditate. It would be so beneficial in every area of my life. It’s amazing that it is so beneficial and should be essential to my lifestyle, and I yet in my social media, technology-tapped world, I feel like it is a luxury.


It’s amazing that I can know how beneficial meditating is and yet can’t seem to find the time to sit my ass down to do it.


How do you find the time? What tips do you have that have helped you make meditating a habit? Or are you in the same Paripurna Navasana asana I’m in and haven’t been able to cultivate the meditation habit?

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