Round an around we go

Round and around we go The brush against rocks makes us glow Exfoliate the ignorant Revealing our erudition The the process is slow


The practitioner that focuses on mindfulness Advances like a fire, Consuming the chains of bondage Both great and small. The Buddha  Remember to remember, when you remember. Sogyal Rinpoche  


Existing in a maelstrom. Flowing confusion, violent disquiet. Chaos ensues, mayhem usurps repose. Peace is found in the perspective.

It’s time

It’s time to become me It’s time to discover   Discover my voice Discover my passions Discover my secret desires   My actions do not reflect the person I want to be…   Reflect my love Reflect my creative Reflect my intentions   Cultivate the … Continue readingIt’s time

Anger at an Adage

I sometimes don’t like when I have moments of enlightenment. And it’s not that I don’t like being enlightened, but it’s frustrating to look at the repercussions of said enlightenment. For example, I’ve always considered the adage that how you are on the inside is … Continue readingAnger at an Adage


Compassion…sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering or misfortunes of others. Such a noble and wonderful notion. Buddha says that living a life of compassion is living in happiness. And I can see it. Being able to just sympathize with others, without judgment, without expectations, … Continue readingCompassion

Artist statements

Recently on Facebook, we (Minaxus Production Studio) asked if artist statements make a difference. It was a bit surprising to hear how much people actually prefer to read the artists intent behind a piece. Much of the time we consider art to be our expressions, … Continue readingArtist statements