We are all on our own journey, and I just caught a glimpse of mine. Journey, path, well-travelled? Or in the brushes? Look down, see your feet, where are they walking? Look deep, into the seat of your soul, where do you wander? We drift, … Continue readingJourney


Do you feel that passion? The kind that keeps you up at night the kind that drives you forward? The Kind of passion that you think about every waking hour, Dream about through the night, And constantly crave? The kind that you won’t let you … Continue readingPassion

Tense up to fly

As I was planning one of my Vinyasa classes I realized how many of the asana’s named for birds require some sort of tension or even a bind first. Bakasana (crow) needs a squeezing in of the the forearms and the shins. A tightening of … Continue readingTense up to fly