Graphic Design

One of the beautiful aspects of human nature can be seen in our service of each other. That gift of giving without expectation, of helping our fellow humans. Working in the non-profit reminds me of this part of our nature. During the day I work for Bonfils Blood Center, a company’s whose mission is to save and enhance lives. I’ve seen someone give a blood product to help someone to stay well enough to live through the holidays. Our community brought tears to my eyes when I saw the line out the door after the Aurora Tragedy. I’ve heard stories of lives saved, and have seen the look of pure happiness and gratitude when a patient was able to personally thank the people who helped save their lives. It’s an incredible thing to see. Most people don’t associate a blood center with needing graphic design, but even they need people to design their event materials, forms, flyers, social media, recruitment materials, campaign graphics, etc. If you want to see what I’ve done in that environment, visit this page.

Bonfils’ is the main place my design skills are utilized, but if you like my style and have a project with which you need assistance, a logo, flyer, poster, web graphics, anything your grey matter can think, contact me and I’d gladly design for you.

Fine Art

I enjoy visual stimulation. I love creating. Closing my eyes, images dance across, growing changing, forming, changing. Sometimes they manifest in my personal art. I love the shading of the pencil, that intent repetitious enjoyment of watching the paper slowly darken from the rubbing of lead onto it’s surface. It builds gradually, and the piece starts to take form. Or perhaps it’s with the quick flow of the brush across the canvas. A dramatic gesture full of emotional release and intent. the colorful and engaging multitude of hues. Or from the realm of digital art the visual intercourse may exist with a heuristic exploration of movements, cause and effect. The freedom of instant change, the security of control-Z. Maybe it’s a combination. For a journey of that nature, visit this page.

Have something in mind that seems aligned with my style? I am open to commissions to help you manifest a piece of art that will grace your energy. Contact me and let me know.



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