Tattoo Masquerade™ 2016

Tattoo Masquerade™

Tattoo Masquerade 2016

Vinyasa Productions began the design work on this project in the middle of  2015. We began by developing the logo, look, and feel for the event. A color scheme was developed a logo was decided upon, and fonts were chosen. Willy Smith, owner of the tattoo shop presenting the event, painted “Molly” as the main focal point.

As the Creative Director for this grassroots event, I furthered the brand to include an overall “voice” of the event through copywriting and presentation. Utilizing this toolkit, I developed the website and designed all graphics used for this event including not limited to social media posts, billboards,  digital media marketing, posters, handbills, and Westword ads.

Westword Photo Coverage of the Event
Westword Street Team Event Coverage
Westword Photos

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