Saxxy Sacks

Greetings 🙂 Welcome to the Saxxy side. As a yoga instructor in a variety of studios, I wanted to bring my yoga altar to each studio with me. I flow with crystals on my mat, drawing on their energies. I teach with essential oils on my being to integrate aromatherapy. And I have a mala for a variety of moods. All of these things I was wrapping up and carrying around. But, being quite the bag lady, I desired a sack in which to carry my special mojo pieces. As so the Saxxy Sack line was born.

My mom is an amazing seamstress. I grew up with all my holiday outfits being handmade, costumes, blankets, wall hangings, potpourri pot holders, and so much more. With her by my side, I am forging into the world of sewing and am spreading my love for bags with all of you!

I have sewed up several different options with different intentions. I have pouches with one big pocket, sacks with 8 small pockets, square bags, round bags. I have bags for crystals, bags for sage, bags for jewelry, bags for your alter. So many bags! 🙂 If you have specific items you like to carry with you and would like a custom sack made, message me! I’d love to discuss designing something to meet your sacred traveling needs.

I also sell my bags at Karma Yoga Studio, festivals, and workshops, so if a listing suddenly disappears, it’s been sold via an alternative source.