Artistic burst of emotion

Emotions. Some people have no problem dealing with them, processing them. Moving on, accepting that they are emotional beings. Me, I admit I struggle a bit. I grew up being called too sensitive and that I needed to stop being so sensitive. I was so young that I didn’t really know what to do with those comments or how to use my sensitivity in a beneficial way.  Or at least to find a cathartic release. That’s what art is turning into, though fear some times inhibits my ability to successfully paint my emotions and ground my emotions into a canvas. But I am working on it. Working on screaming my emotions visually.


Painting last night

I started a painting ages ago. It was a flower in yellow on a black background. It was decent, but missing something. Some other people liked it as it was, and I almost gave it to a friend, but hesitated.  K knew it was missing something too. I stared at it for hours…I had intended to use only yellow hues for the painting, creating depth and value with variations. And I achieved that, but I still wasn””t content with it.

I brought out my violet and brand spanking new magenta (thanks K!), and slowly started adding color. Soon I was in a zone, mesmerized by the extreme contrast of the darker violet on the bright yellow. The flower seemed to breathe as I added more depth and value to it. It made me happy. My new paint made me happy. The flow of the brush on the canvas made me happy. The transformation of the flower, made me happy. And the fact that I felt the concern of what other people thought about my art melt away, made me happy.

Post inspired by: Dirty Footprints Studio