The small and large of it

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I recently spent some time in a space of frustration. All the little things were starting to piss me off and the irritation was growing. My hackles were raised and I was on the defense about many things. I remember going to teach a yoga class, playing through the situations in my head, hoping to dissolve some of the frustration so I wouldn’t take it on the mat with me and spread that energy while I taught. I was brimming with frustration, texting my beloved about the emotions that were surging through me,  when I felt a moment of compassion wash over me. And in texting with him I remembered what the bigger picture was.

And there was a shift in me. We truly do feed our emotions with our thoughts and that’s exactly what I was doing. I was focused on the smallest of details from the perspective of an individual. I was running the situations over and over in my head, making myself more upset. And, in that moment,  I saw the big picture from the perspective of the whole. I saw why I was in the situation, what I needed to do to grow, and of what I needed to let go to reach a better place.  For me, when I remembered what the intention (see also resolving your intentions) was I could see the small tasks in which I was involved leading to that intention. And I was able to shift my feelings toward the irritations from frustration to useful tool. I shifted myself, to align myself with the path that led to my ultimate goal, my intention, and in all honesty what I truly desired.

So take a few moments to shift through your irritations. Reflect on your day, week, year, life…and bring your awareness to the place of contention. Weave in and out of that space, shifting through the various emotions and thoughts surrounding that situation and find the source. What is it that is truly pissing you off. Take a few moments to exhale.

Take a few more…



And then paint a picture of a more rewarding situation. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Think about it until the thought of it makes you smile.



What’s more important? Staying upset or  getting to a place where you can smile? What does an internal compromise look like?  What do you need to do in order to get to that space? Of what do you need to let go? Where is space for action on your part? Stop to consider the bigger picture. Align your energy with the ultimate intention, your truest desire, and take the steps to reach that place.


Hugs & Love,


It’s been a while

Open Mouth Exhale

It’s been a while. I was even a little nervous. What was it going to be like? Was it going to be hard? Was I even going to be able to make it for the entire hour? I have this crick in my neck, my back is stiff, I’m not even sure if my hips remember what it’s like to be open. But I need it, I need it bad.

And so I laid my mat out. I inhaled and told myself that whatever happened, it was going to be exactly what I needed. I set my intention on just observing. I found my way to my childspose and started to lengthen.

I lengthened out of my hips, into my spine and through my shoulders. I worked each vertebral body into alignment from my coccyx through my lumbar, up my thoracic and out my cervical spine. The power of the bone elements ignited as the flexibility of my intervertebral disks expanded. I felt the strength of my practice take hold of my energy as the class began and I started to reconnect with my self, and with my breath. And as I listened to the teacher take over the thoughts in my head and lead me through an exalted and nurturing practice, I recommitted myself to my mat.

Find a comfortable seat. Feel your ass cheeks spread across the surface. Lean forward and back, maybe make some circles with your hips. And then find stillness. Push your butt into the mat and become aware of your core strength. Engage it as you start to stack each vertebra on top of the one below it. Discover how much space you can put between your hips and your ribs. Reach the crown of the head up to the sky. Find space between your shoulders and your ears. And watch your breath.

Open Mouth Exhale