Gratitude for the Temple


I met up with a friend of mine yesterday. She’s been my shaman for 8 years, although it had been over a year since I had last encountered her energy. As typical Cancers, we curled up in a blanket and started chatting. I was telling her about some of my experiences this past year and how they are centering around creative feminine energies. And after some discussion where she shared some of her own recent explorations on the subject, she said, “We just have to remember to also appreciate our bodies.”

And that rung a bell for me. Gratitude for my body.

I’ve spent the last 15 ish years analyzing my body, getting to know her, learning what she likes to eat (and in what quantities), learning how she likes to exercise, as well as learning to read the signs that indicate my energy levels. I had been shifting from the language of shit-talking my body, critiquing, and being mean to my body to a place of an intimate understanding of how she works. I wanted to learn how to nurture my body. But nurturing isn’t gratitude, and it is in that space that I would like to breathe for a while.

This body is the home to my consciousness, the temple through which I experience life. Our human suits are what allow us to be present on this earth in a corporeal capacity. They are what literally walk the paths with and for us. Our bodies are here for us and only us (well, in most cases 😉  ). Your heart beats for you, to carry blood cells throughout your body, nourishing your physical existence. Your brain functions for you, synapsing with thoughts, actions, and nurturing you being you. Your kidneys, spleen, lungs, legs, muscles, mitochondria, nerves, bones, lymph nodes, all of you…exists for you.

I was swept away with the idea of nurturing and decorating my temple, I think I may have forgotten to appreciate the temple. I am drawing into myself gratitude for the container for my consciousness. I appreciate that my physical being exists to be engaged with me and allows me to be me, here, on Earth, right now. And she does it all without me even asking. She is autonomous and yet completely dedicated to me.

In a Shamanic Space now, my friend tells me to start a meditation…to dive into my organs and listen. So I am drawing my awareness and consciousness to the depth of my insides. To breathe in that space of union where the mind meets my body.