A new year in art

2011 was an interesting year. I made a lot of progress in art, mainly in setting it up on Etsy and Zazzle.. I even sold three paintings. That was encouraging. So it’s amazing that here I am in 2012 feeling like nothing happened in 2011 … Continue readingA new year in art

Hope is Beautiful

Beauty. It’s something that exists everywhere. We refer to beautiful people and we can mean their both them externally and internally. Friends are beautiful. Hope is one of those friends. Yes, I get the irony that the idea of Hope is beautiful and can help … Continue readingHope is Beautiful

False Hope?

Strung along To your hearts content And the demise of mine I waiver I’m scared Lost My soul quivers How to live again When trust has been ripped from me How to love again When you are taking my heart in all it’s shattered pieces … Continue readingFalse Hope?