Lines of focus

Breath in. Breath out. I’m watching the breath, being the breath, embracing the breath. Breath leads my focus. It’s where the meditation begins. Going deeper into the breath narrows my focus. Distractions drop away as I consider the breath, the aspects and what it is … Continue readingLines of focus

Painting last night

I started a painting ages ago. It was a flower in yellow on a black background. It was decent, but missing something. Some other people liked it as it was, and I almost gave it to a friend, but hesitated.  K knew it was missing … Continue readingPainting last night

I need art

Art is a necessity, and one that I don”t give enough energy to. When I”m emersed in a piece, I feel bliss. But circumstances keep driving my attention away and my mind reels. Art needs to become a habit again. I need to pour my … Continue readingI need art