Disheartening memories

Squashed cheer, go get me a beer. Not interested in your day; no need to say what you did or who you saw. Keep it to a minimum, you said. Detached, saddened, I quieted and retreated. To the depths of darkness, the curmudgeon send off. Stashed away my voice, such a silly choice. But sensitivity spiked, and self-esteem plummeted. The passionate expressions of my soul, silenced.

For you.


This nasty vestige from before, burn away. You cannot stay, get out of my way.

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget.

To listen. To actually shut my mouth and quiet my thoughts and listen. My shallow desire to connect, to share, to be seen as someone who knows has left me as someone waiting to speak.

It has left me inauthentic.

Sometimes I forget, that it’s not about me. That though I am the center of my world, that so is everyone else.

I forget that we are all connected. That we share in the universal energy.

Sometimes I forget.
To appreciate the silence.