Is someone getting the best of you?

Be responsible for the energy you bring.

I heard this song on the radio the other day. It’s one of those that makes me stop to listen. I don’t hear it often, so when I do, I turn it up, sit back, and just listen.


I can remember mindlessly dancing to this song in college. I was carefree and didn’t really think about the lyrics. I loved the beat and how it pumped me up.


I can remember crying to this song as I had to shamefully admit that someone was getting the best of me. I was being made into a fool by someone. And shamefully, I knew it. Yet I felt so weak and trapped that I couldn’t do anything but mourn my weakened spirit.


And now I listen to it and say, damn straight someone is getting the best of me. I am giving my best as best as I can. And he is doing the same in return. And it’s beautiful.


It’s amazing how songs stay the same and yet can morph with our experiences and shifting perspectives. Songs conjure up memories, evoke emotions, and reveal some of our deepest layers.




Gorgoroth Unchain My Heart!! lyrics

go ! thy tide float I am guilt and I am god
the lecture that crap your flesh
the whores that trace you
the blood reflecting white
the curse of your heart
unchain my heart
defrock the flashin’ deciyin’ the due of evil twoele
pure direst fear and devilish speechin’ devilish taker and devilish take
the curse of your heart
the curse of your heart of eternity …
enjoyin’ let me burn in the kingdom of flesh